What do you expect from a news blog site that also doubles up as a magazine? It will naturally be a lot of news, information, reporting of events and even trivia on every conceivable topic on earth. All that is required to make such a site interesting and successful is to have a score of dedicated bloggers reporting from their locations on happenings around them.

This is what we at www.memorialday2015i.com strive to bring to our readers. We are a blog site focussed exclusively on current news as well as analysis of world events through the eyes of the experts. We invite write-ups from dedicated bloggers who would like to share their experiences with our readers. For example, it can be about a little known artist but talented enough to grab attention. Or it can be a tourist spot that is off the beaten track yet untouched by hordes of tourists.

For those who wish to contribute to our blog site, we do not put any limitations so far as the choice of topics is concerned. Anything interesting is welcome. It need not be an earth shattering event, a product launch of an innovative gadget in the local community hall can also be reported to us for publication. We are sure that such news will add substantially to the knowledge bank of our readers.

Some aspiring contributors may get a bit confused with the name of our blog site. We wish to make it clear that our site is not related to Memorial Day only, neither is it solely related to the USA. For us, our bloggers are like citizen reporters writing in from all parts of the globe.

It need not be news only. Bloggers can write about new product launches with specifications and opinion if it has been used by them. This will immensely benefit visitors to our blog site as they can get a bird’s eye view of world events from the comfort of their homes.

Bloggers are welcome to send their write-ups to our team for publication on our site. Any subject will do so long as it pertains to the niche of news/magazine.